Welcome to my online portfolio. The images and words you find here are a reflection of my passion: moving through the mountains, exploring the natural and social world. I am interested in taking photographs that deliver a natural perspective and telling the stories behind those images. I enjoy sharing these adventures as a guide on hiking, biking, skiing and photography adventures.

My experience as sports scientist (M.A., including political science and business administration), economist and journalist includes publishing books, stories and photographs of outdoor and extreme sports, daily editorial work, market and marketing studies, web concepts and publishing in the social media environment as well as outdoor sports related remittance work and outdoor sports workshops.

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Photography Services

Outdoor Photo Workshops

Learn how to take amazing landscape and action sports shots and have your picture taken in a compelling scenery on the mountain. I invite you to chase the quest for the magic mountain moments in easy day trips, on an adventurous weekend-trip or a full multi-day adventure.

(Work in progress: www.mountainmoments.de)

For Businesses

Outdoor pictures and stories are a valuable advertising commodity for your business. I am happy to contribute with my work to yours.

Outdoor photography and storytelling can be physically demanding, it’s time consuming, exhausting, maybe freezing cold, equipment breaks, things go wrong, sometimes it hurts or you feel inappropriate.

For producing the dream picture i am open for all these tasks. This site displays a selection of my catalogue of adventure, landscape and lifestyle photography. All of these are available as prints, and many for commercial license. I am likewise available to arrange shoots for commercial requirements. Please contact me for prices and projects on individual request. I will find a solution that fits your needs to help accelerate your business to the next level.

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Pricing Examples


Advertising: Starting from 300.- €/photo, 1 day shooting from 400.- €

Social media use: Starting from 30.- €

Company Website: Starting from 100.- €

Private use

I’d love to see my work hanging on the wall in your private living room or elsewhere! Surprise me with your ideas.

Data: 30.- € (excl. VAT) usage fee per picture and including printing support.

Fine Art Print: 60.- € on selected Hahnemühlen paper 30*45cm, including shipping.



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Prices per picture (and year) in Eur incl. delivery, excl. VAT. In case something goes wrong your data is safely 3-way-stored.

In case of copyright infringement the violation fees will be higher than in business standards.