Early in 2013 I was able to convince some skiers vom Innsbruck and filmer Minos Eigenheer to  a ski travel in Lebanon. The country and is inhabitants greeted us more then warmly and we had a great time skiing and exploring the country.

More from this story you can find at www.plantesnow.de (German) print and online or if you prefer English at the The Ski Journal issue 7.2. If you like to have a look at the full story including a short movie make sure to click through our selfmade digital feature www.lebanonfreeride.com.

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  1. Melody Hazel

    Wunderbar Schones, in Lebanon schifahren zu sehen! Prize-worthy videography! It is just amazing to see the deep contrasts of an ancient civilization embracing relatively modern concepts such as ski resorts… also the beautiful views from snowy mountaintops down to desert city and mediterranean seascapes… gorgeous! Vielen Dank! Many thanks for sharing!