Online – Concept development and implementation of online magazine and community. (Ass.-) Editor in chief, responsible for editorial concepts, daily editorial work and community development and management.
Key aspects: quality journalism, development of a strong community, sustainable editorial concept, risk management, new technology. – Editor in chief, responsible for a new editorial concept, development and implementation, community management.
Key aspects: quality journalism in a disruptive environment. – Independent online blog around the most beautiful form of moving in winter and nature (german).
Key aspects: independence, (critical) journalism, cultural exchange, climate change. – Multi media project focussing on the beauty of steep skiing and ski alpinism in the Alps. – Blog and workshops about outdoor photography.
Key aspects: beeing outside, enjoy nature and experience more through photography. – Multi media reportage about skiing in an Arabic country. Realization in print, online and film (by Minos Eigenheer) in english and german.